Board of Directors

Updated Wednesday January 17, 2018 by Dr. Phillips Little League.

Chris Guadagnoli             President
John Beavers                  VP
Tiffany Cone                    Secretary
Ray Jackson                    Treasurer
Kevin Murphy                   Safety Officer/Background Checks
Matt Grant                        President of Softball & League Information Officer
Melissa Gacek                 Social Media / Email
Chris Guadagnoli             Registration Lead (Baseball)
Matt Grant                        Registration Lead (Softball)
Melissa Gacek                  - Registration Assistant
Kevin Murphy                    - Registration Assistant
Stuart Atherton                  - Registration Assistant
Tiffany Cone                      - Registration Assistant
Mike Jenniex                      - Registration Assistant
James Parr                        Coaching Coordinator
Rico Banez                        UIC
John Cone                         Assistant UIC
Ray Jackson                      Fields Maintenance
Kraig Carmickle                 Facilities & Fields Assistant
Melissa Gacek                   Game Scheduling
Mike Harris                         Concessions Lead
Wes Jackson                       - Concessions Assistant
Matt Sharp                          Concession Shift Scheduling Lead
Wes Jackson                       - Concession Shift Scheduling Assistant
John Beavers                      Sponsorships & Signage
Jenn Stoetzer                      DOD Scheduling & Trophies
PLAYER AGENTS              DIVISION                
Susan Bourst                       Player Agent - Tee-ball
Tiffany Cone                        Player Agent - Tee-ball
Wes Jackson                       Player Agent - A
Matt Sharp                           Player Agent - AA
Mike Jenniex                        Player Agent - AAA
Rob Clark                             Player Agent - Majors
John Beavers                       Player Agent - Juniors
Matt Grant                            Player Agent - Softball
Rob Clark                              Utility & Player Agent
Bobby Baldor                         YMCA Liaison
Amy Jackson                         Uniforms
Gary Lorfano                         Team Pictures
Dennis Pope                          Oversight
Al Osuna                                Oversight
Cynthia Jordan                       General Support
Tracy Davis                             DOD Scheduling & Support
Todd Hockenberry                  County Liaison
Derek Ebanks                         Oversight