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Updated Monday July 3, 2017 by Dr. Phillips Little League.

What to expect from Tee Ball at Dr Phillips Little League

1. A safe, fun environment to learn baseball fundamentals. Tee-ball is non-competitive. We do not keep score and the focus is strictly on learning basic fundamentals while having fun. We’re not going to make anyone an all-star in one season of baseball, but we can build confidence, a basic skills foundation and love for playing that will hopefully last for years.

2. Managers who volunteer their time to coach our teams. Little League is a purely volunteer organization. All of our managers and coaches are volunteers. They have made the choice to devote several hours a week to helping the children in our community. Please keep this in mind.

3. Managers who keep you informed of events. We encourage all of our managers to communicate weekly either through e-mail or the league website, in addition to verbal discussions at practices and games, to keep parents informed. Also, once teams are assigned you can expect a call or e-mail from your manager within 48 hours to introduce themselves and to confirm uniform information.

4. A responsive league and player agent. As a board member and as the tee-ball player agent, I am committed to providing a prompt response to any inquiry. Your manager is the first point of contact for any questions, but if you are unable to get an answer, or feel uncomfortable asking the manager, please feel free to contact me.

5. One practice per week. Practices are set by and at the sole discretion of the manager. The manager may choose to hold practice any day, Sunday afternoon through Friday evening. Tee-ball practices are usually 60 to 90 minutes in length. Players are not penalized for missing a practice, but you are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible in order to help build skills, and to get to know teammates.

6. One concession shift per player. Our league exists on registration fees, donations, and concession sales. When you registered, you made a choice to perform a concession shift or pay an opt-out fee. Tee-ball families have to perform one concession shift per player. The league will assign your team a date and time for their shift. Your manager will advise of the date and time. Every family is expected to honor their commitment as agreed to during registration. The shifts are actually surprisingly fun, and a League Board Member or other parents will help you get acquainted with the concession stand. Failure to appear for your scheduled shift will result in a financial penalty assessed by the league.

7. The opportunity to be a part of your child’s team. Every manager needs help. Please do not hesitate to volunteer. While every manager has his own style, we encourage our managers to get parents involved in practice.

8. Uniforms. Your registration fees, donations and our concession sales allow us to provide one cap, one pair of pants, one pair of socks, and one personalized jersey to each player. Your input as to sizing and personalization is crucial to getting these orders right. If the jersey size you selected does not fit, you will be responsible for paying for a replacement. Jerseys cannot be returned. Before removing the tags on the pants, try them on. We can usually return clean uniform pants with the tags still on. However, if they are dirty, washed, or the tags removed, you will be responsible for purchasing replacement pants.

9. One to two games per week (probably). The majority of your team’s games will be on Saturdays, generally in the morning. It is also our intent to give our tee-ball players full season and a chance to play on multiple fields. Because of the length of the season, there will be some weeks where your team will likely play two games. If we end up fielding an odd number of teams, additional weekday games may be needed to allow each team to play every week. Any weekday game will be on a late afternoon/early evening. In past seasons, the kids have enjoyed the change in pace with having a weekday game. In the case of weather problems, field condition issues, or some other problem that may postpone a game, we will do our best to make that game up, although it may result in more than one or two games in any week.

10. Games that last about an hour, or less. Tee-ball games have a 1:15 minute time limit or three complete innings, whatever comes first.

11. Every player plays, every player hits, every inning. We do not record outs in tee-ball. Every player has the opportunity to play the field and hit, each inning. When a batter puts the ball into play, that batter advances to first base, and all other batters advance one base. The last batter in the lineup is the “home run” hitter and clears the bases. Players will be given a chance to play every position (there is no catcher in tee ball) during the course of the season, unless the manager determines there to be a safety concern.

12. Using the tee during games. Batting tees are a tremendous teaching tool for all skill levels. On any given day, you may find Little League teams of all ages practicing hitting from a tee. Even advanced players utilize a tee to help hone their skills. Using the tee is not a punishment or in any way indicative of a player’s skill level. Use of the tee for all players is mandatory for all three innings of the first three games of the season. Starting with the fourth game, use of the tee is mandatory for at least the first two innings of all remaining games. Starting with the fourth game (or later at the manager’s discretion), during the third inning, managers/coaches are permitted to throw up to 5 pitches of coach pitch soft toss (from about 10-15 feet away) to each batter. If the ball is put into play, the batter advances. After 5 pitches if the ball is not put into play, the batter will hit from the tee until the ball is put in play.

13. You will have to buy some equipment. Every player needs a baseball glove, cleats, bat, protective cup (for boys), and batting helmet with full facemask. If you have questions, be sure to ask your manager. The league also partners with some sporting goods stores including Dick’s Sporting Goods (near the Mall at Millennia), and the Rawlings Factory Outlet (South of Disney on SR 535).

14. Team parent. Managers may ask for volunteers to be team parent. The manager will let you know what they will ask the team parent to do. In tee-ball team parents usually organize snack schedules, assist with concession scheduling, and may even help out in the dugout.

15. Trophies. Every player who completes the season will be provided with a trophy. Trophies are usually provided during the last game of the season. This is definitely a moment where you want to shoot some video.

16. Positive, cheering parents in the stands. Remember, our players are 4-6 years old, and of varying skill level. To them, every success is a giant achievement, and every perceived failure can be crushing. Cheer for your team, let them know you care, be positive, and help them build their confidence.
Again, this list is by no means an exhaustive one, and I fully expect next season’s list will be even longer with your input. I look forward to meeting you and your children on the fields this spring. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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