By Laws

Updated Sunday January 22, 2017 by Dr. Phillips Little League.

Dr. Phillips Little League is governed by the rules and regulations of Little League International.  These By-Laws describe the local modifications to those rules.

Dr. Phillips Little League All-Star Selection Process

  1. Mission Statement of All-Stars for DPLL:

“DPLL strives to field the highest caliber and most competitive team in each division to represent our league and provide the best chance for success in tournaments.

  1. Defining Teams DPLL teams:
    1. Ages – DPLL will follow official Little League established rules for all all-star rosters
    2. Team Rosters
      1. 9-year-old District Tournament of Champions, 9/10, 10/11, 11/12 shall not have more than 13 players (12 players minimum)
      2. Junior, Senior, Big League – shall not have more than 14 players (12 players minimum)
  1. Manager/Coach Selection
    1. All Potential All-Star Managers and Coaches Requirements
      1. Each Individual must be in “Good Standing” with the league defined by the Board. 
      2. Each All-Star Manager Candidate must complete an All-Star Application for approval of Board 2 weeks prior to the end of the season:
      3. Manager/Coach Pool
        1. For all Teams Except 11/12 – Any current spring season Manager or Coach in any division is eligible for consideration for any All-Star team (except 11/12 – see below)
        2. For 11/12 – Manager must be a current manager or coach in 11/12 (Majors) for the spring season for consideration.  Coaches may be from any division.
  1. All-Star Managers and Coaches Selection Process
    1. Managers
      1. For all Division except 11/12 (Majors)
        1. Board will review all applications for discussion and vote on final Manager candidates per Board voting rules
        2. Managers should be selected and notified before the end of the season.
      2. For 11/12 (Major)
        1. Approved Manager Candidates from 11/12 division will be on the ballot for voting.  See 11/12 player selection below.  Board will have final approval of the manager.
    2. Coaches
      1. Managers select coaches from the list of league approved managers and coaches (must be manager or coach in the league during that season)
      2. All potential coaching candidates must be approved by the Board
  1. Player Selection
    1. All Divisions except 11/12 (Majors)
      1. About 3-4 weeks prior to end of season, any potential player must try on All-Star uniform sample for sizes. This does not guarantee an All-Star roster spot, but only helps to order uniforms when selection occurs.  Players must give 3 options for uniform #.
      2. After Manager selection is approved by Board, a player selection meeting will be held as follows:
        1. Attendance:  Approved Manager, Player Agents for representative divisions, Managers or proxy for each team from representative divisions
        2. Group will discuss and select top 10 players for inclusion on the representative All-Star Team
        3. Player Agents act will as representatives of players
        4. Manager will have 2-3 “Manager picks” from remaining eligible players subject to discussion and approval of player agents.
        5. Final team must be selected at conclusion of meeting
  1. 11/12 – Majors Selection
    1. Approximately 2 weeks before the end of the season Major player agent will develop a list of eligible 11 and 12-year-olds
      1. Before their names will be added to the ballot of eligible 11 and 12-year-olds, players must sign the league commitment letter which includes rules and conditions for playing in All-Stars.
      2. Any 11-year-old player that opts to be added to the ballot for the 11/12-year-old team must play for the 11/12 team if selected in the top 10 players receiving votes. If an 11-year-old on the ballot is not in the top 10 players receiving votes they would be eligible for the 10/11-year-old team.
    2. Player Agent will conduct voting for all eligible players and approved manager candidates for review and approval by the Board Executive Committee
      1. Every Major player, One Manager, and two coaches from each team will receive a ballot with all eligible players and approved managers.
      2. Voters will vote for 10 players and one manager at field and submit to player agent
      3. Top 10 players receiving votes automatically qualify for All-Star team
      4. In the event of ties at #10, top 9 players automatically qualify for All-Star team
      5. Winning manager will have the option to select 2-3 additional (3-4 if only 9 players have been selected due to ties at #10) from players #11 – 15 in voting.
      6. If a player voted onto the team chooses not to play for the 11/12 team for any reason, the player that received the next highest amount of votes, but did not qualify for the top 10, is added automatically to the team. If more than one player voted in top 10 opts out then the above process is repeated until the top ten are achieved.
        1. Note, if players opt out, then Manager will always have next 5 players not automatically added to team as pool to select final 2-3 players
  1. Notification of Player Selections
    1. All notifications will be in compliance with LL rules including timing of announcement in relation to tournaments

Drafting and Player Evaluation


  • All league age 12’s must play Majors, unless waivered by the District
  • 11 & 10’s available, No 9-year-olds in majors
  • 10’s must be drafted in the 5th round or earlier for spring 2017
  • ONLY one Manager/Coach from each team can attend draft


  • All league age 11’s must play AAA or above, unless waivered by the Board
  • All league age 10’s available
  • 9’s must be drafted in the 5th round or earlier for spring 2017
  • No league age 8’s unless waivered by the board
  • 11 or 12 Players on a Team, based on number of registrations
  • ONLY one Manager/Coach from each team can attend draft


  • All league age 9’s and 10’s must play AA or above, unless waivered by the Board
  • 11 or 12 Players on a Team, based on number of registrations, play 10 in the field
  • ONLY one Manager/Coach from each team can attend draft


  • League age 8 & 7’s available and must play in A or above
  • League age 6’s who have played one season of Tee Ball or one season in an equivalent league are available
  • NO league age 5-year-olds
  • 11 or 12 Players on a Team, based on number of registrations, play 10 in the field
  • ONLY one Manager/Coach from each team can attend draft

Tee Ball    

  • Teams Drafted by blind draw
  • Player Agent has discretion on approving parent requests
  • All league age 5-year-olds must play in Tee Ball
  • Spring Season: Must be league age 5.  Fall Season: Players must have turned 4 years old by 4/1 of the current year.

Tiny Tots

  • Spring Season players must be 3 years old by 2/1, and for fall season they must be 3 years old by 9/1

Draft position for 10-year-olds in majors, 9-year-olds in AAA, and 8-year-olds in AA determined by the board before each season based on the composition of league.  For example, 10-year-olds must be drafted by the 5th round in majors.

It is up to the player agent’s discretion to decide draft order known before draft night or at the draft table.

Player Evaluation
Prior to player evaluation & the draft, an email will be sent to everyone explain the reasons behind player evaluation and how the draft will take place.  We will also explain “league age”.  This same content will be added to the registration process, and one must agree to and check that they have read our try-out & draft policy for the season.

During Player Evaluation we will test the following skills:

  • Running
  • Ground Ball fielding to shortstop
  • Receive Balls at 1st Base – after taking ground ball, player moves to 1st
  • Outfield pop flies
  • Batting

Draft Method
DPLL uses the Alternate Method for Plan B as defined in the Little League Operating Manual Draft Process

Slotting Manager and Coach Children
Managers/coaches kids are slotted PRIOR to the start of the draft as agreed upon by ALL of the other managers in that division and the player agent for that division.

Drafting Siblings
Assuming the parents have specified that brothers must be on the same team, once a brother is drafted, the player agent and managers slot the second brother, the ‘draft by round’ rule does not apply (for example, a 12-year-old is drafted in round 4 in the majors draft and there is a 10-year-old brother, the 10-year-old does not need to be drafted by round 5 but is slotted by agreement of managers and players agent). 

If the parents do not specify that they need to be on the same team the brothers are drafted as any other player.

Convenience Requests
Convenience or manager preference requests are to be considered on a case by case basis and it is up to the Player Agent to agree to honor the requests.  Player Agents have discretion to accept requests and are the final decision maker for approving trades, convenience requests, coach pairings and siblings slotting.

The Player agent’s goal is to minimize the number of requests.

All trades must be complete before everyone leaves the draft room that day of the draft.

A player exchange after the draft to accommodate a parent convenience request must be approved by the player agent.

Draft Notification Procedure
Once each draft is complete, an email will be sent by the league to inform those players that have been selected.  Anyone wishing to not play at that level must submit their reason / waiver to the player agent for consideration.  Parents of players not taken in majors or AAA drafts will have 24 hours to respond.

A 24 hour grace period will be observed before the AAA and AA draft begin.  At the same time, a second email will be sent to all players eligible in for the next level.  Any objections must be presented prior to the start of the next draft.

If the 24 hour period has been observed and a parent pulls a player out of the league for any reason other than injury or re-location the registration fees will not be refunded.

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